Saturday, January 3, 2009

Awful Tragedy

My family has had an awful thing to happen!
One of my granddaughters, Amber, 11 years old died on Tue. Dec.30th, 2008
She got choked on food and was in a room by herself and died..
this has been so terribly painful.. But I am glad that I was here in NC to be with my entire family when this happened...
The family didn't have any life insurance on the children so the debt is overwhelming....I don't like to beg, but will if I have to, to help them get this paid ...anyone, who is so inclined to, could make a contribution to the funeral that would go towards the funeral bill....

Her obituary is here:

anyone who would like to help can , and I would also like to have everyone's prayers for my family...

Colonial Funeral Home, 127 Ellisboro Road, Madison, NC 27027

Thank you to so many friends for all of your well wishes and prayers..