Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mama's Surprise Party!

This is Mama's cake and pictures, and Mama when she first walked in...She was truly surprised, she thought Daddy was taking her to a fund raiser supper for the Boy Scouts.....he he he.........

This was me surprising her, after she knew the party was for her, she didn't know my husband and I were there....we hid and came out while she was looking at her cake....

This is my husband Rod, my granddaughter in the back and my oldest daughter, Tonya in front sitting..

My youngest daughter holding my Great grandson Juan..

My niece Samantha in front there...and
lots of people

Mama and Daddy on the right there...

Kimberly, my granddaughter and Juan

Me holding Juan....I tried to suck his face off
during the time I could get a hold of him...he is really
sweet and laughing alot..

It was a short time to be there in North Carolina, but I have to tell you it was great seeing my family, and the Spring there was awesome....Dogwood trees were so Beautiful and the spring flowers too...