Thursday, June 4, 2009

I have a Surgery Date!

I finally have a surgery date, June 30th, its a Tuesday......
Hubby and I will have to travel from Florida up to NC on
Thursday, the 25th, I have to meet with the surgeon on Friday morning
the 26th, for consultation and pre-op....I am anxious to get this over
with....Hospital stay is 5 days....So Have a lot of things to plan out now
and get ready for this...I am happy that my family is in NC, some 4-5
hours away and my youngest daughter is in Wilmington, NC, 2 hours away
I am going to be going to her house to re-coup a couple of weeks and Hubby can come back to Florida and try to work until I am able to ride back..

Thank you to everyone who has commented and e-mailed....
and also for the Prayers...